Living In The Present While Becoming Successful

There are limitless ways in which we can do things. Two people may set out to achieve similar goals, and both achieve them, but one can take longer than the other. However, the one who achieved the goals faster, was constantly stressed and made people around him stressed and unhappy as well. On the other hand, the person who took longer was always at peace and made people around him happy. Which one was more successful? It could have also been that the one who made people happy also reached the goals faster. The difference is that one put more importance on the value of the present moment while the other put more value on the final outcome.

How do we reconcile achieving the desired outcome when it may appear to be impossible to be overly worried about other people’s interest if you are to achieve the desired results? This is a question that hopefully more people would ask themselves before embarking on achieving a goal.

Finding balance through the present moment

We are conditioned to think that our results solely depend on get things done without much consideration to the manner in which we do it. We place primary importance on the desired outcome and forget about the quality to each moment as we do the tasks that are necessary to reaching the goal.

Learning to place the greatest value on the quality of the present moment leads to balanced decisions and higher quality action. By placing your focus primarily on the present moment we recognize the value of “Being.” When we understand that “Being” in a state of already feeling successful produces high quality success, it is much easier to shift the focus. We begin to understand the power of living in harmony with our environment while we perform our work. Stress and worry disappear and clear thinking takes over. Production goes smoother and even quicker and things flow with ease. Nothing is forced.

Practice living in the now and know that by accessing the power of now, you can enjoy even more success than ever before.

Two Important Things To Remember When Giving Your Network Marketing Or MLM Presentation

Are you a network marketer who regularly gives a presentation to interest others in your company? How long does it take? How easy is it for your downline to duplicate?

These are two main things to consider when speaking with new prospects because they know that what you are doing is what they will be expected to do. Don’t scare them off by making it all long and complicated. Consider these two things when putting your presentation together.

1. Length: The length of your presentation is extremely important. If you have been with the company for a while you have probably figured out how to condense your presentation. However, if you are new and full of enthusiasm, you most likely want to share everything you know. This is not a good idea.

Most people you talk to are simply interested in gathering enough information to see if this is something they can easily understand and be interested in. Giving them more information will seldom make a difference unless they have asked for it.

Give them a short presentation. First, find out what they need. Then, show them simply how your company can help them. Then see if they have any questions. As you answer their questions, you have the opportunity to add bits of information that may help with the explanation.

Don’t force everything on your prospects at once. Give them a chance to breathe, a chance to process, a chance to come up with questions.

Short and sweet is how long your presentation should be.

That information is what you need to follow when talking with one or a few people. If you are presenting in front of a large group, you still want to keep everything relatively short and simple. Don’t bore the room with facts about the company or how the product was developed and passed every test known to mankind. Most people are not interested in this type of information until later in the game, if ever. So save it!

2. Duplication: Whatever you do in your business, make it simple enough that anyone else can duplicate it.

If you are giving one of those long presentations, often the person listening really isn’t listening. She is convincing herself that there is no way she could do what you do. She is sure she could never learn all of what you have to say or answer all those questions. She understands she needs to duplicate you – so make it so she can!

A Look At The Processor And Media Features Present On The New Motorola Razr

When casting your eyes over the Motorola Razr for the first time it is evident that you are looking at a premium smartphone thanks to its thin chassis and extremely high quality screen. Here we delve a little deeper on this new model and take a look under the bonnet to see what specification it offers to help it compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung in the ever changing smartphone market.

Media fans will love what the features that the Motorola Razr offers. As a digital still camera the phones provides great quality photographs thanks to it being able to capture images at a very high 8 million pixel resolution. This quality is the benchmark for premium models and is offered on other reputable handsets such as the iPhone 4S and the HTC Sensation XL. As you would expect a wealth of useful features are present in the camera mode to help you achieve fantastic results. These features include auto focus to help reduce the likelihood of a blurred image and an LED flash for those tricky shots when lighting is not ideal. If you would rather capture video footage the Razr offers the highest level of HD capture from its 1080P resolution facility. The video facility incorporates image stabilisation technology to help the results look smooth and professional whether you are watching on the phones own screen or transferring to a larger display. A secondary camera is also featured on this model which enables HD video calls to be conducted as well as self portraits.

The Motorola Razr offers a powerful 1.2Ghz dual core processor together with a hefty 1GB of RAM memory. This processor allows the phone to operate at lightening speeds and the dual cores ensure that multi tasking does not hinder the phones performance in anyway. These figures certainly look impressive and eclipse the sort of processor specification that is offered on the iPhone 4S which is a very fast phone. Last year Motorola launched the Atrix phone which benefitted from a range of accessories that helped the device perform a variety of tasks. The Razr offers similar facilities and the most useful may prove to be the new Webtop station. This links to a High Definition TV and enables you to use the phone like a media centre on the big screen. This is great for browsing the web, sending messages or streaming video. All of these tasks can be performed whilst the phone is charging.

The Motorola Razr impressed us with its looks and continues to do so with its excellent specification and features. The powerful processor makes this one of the fastest phones around whilst the great multi media features ensure this phone competes with some of the best models currently available.