Two Important Things To Remember When Giving Your Network Marketing Or MLM Presentation

Are you a network marketer who regularly gives a presentation to interest others in your company? How long does it take? How easy is it for your downline to duplicate?

These are two main things to consider when speaking with new prospects because they know that what you are doing is what they will be expected to do. Don’t scare them off by making it all long and complicated. Consider these two things when putting your presentation together.

1. Length: The length of your presentation is extremely important. If you have been with the company for a while you have probably figured out how to condense your presentation. However, if you are new and full of enthusiasm, you most likely want to share everything you know. This is not a good idea.

Most people you talk to are simply interested in gathering enough information to see if this is something they can easily understand and be interested in. Giving them more information will seldom make a difference unless they have asked for it.

Give them a short presentation. First, find out what they need. Then, show them simply how your company can help them. Then see if they have any questions. As you answer their questions, you have the opportunity to add bits of information that may help with the explanation.

Don’t force everything on your prospects at once. Give them a chance to breathe, a chance to process, a chance to come up with questions.

Short and sweet is how long your presentation should be.

That information is what you need to follow when talking with one or a few people. If you are presenting in front of a large group, you still want to keep everything relatively short and simple. Don’t bore the room with facts about the company or how the product was developed and passed every test known to mankind. Most people are not interested in this type of information until later in the game, if ever. So save it!

2. Duplication: Whatever you do in your business, make it simple enough that anyone else can duplicate it.

If you are giving one of those long presentations, often the person listening really isn’t listening. She is convincing herself that there is no way she could do what you do. She is sure she could never learn all of what you have to say or answer all those questions. She understands she needs to duplicate you – so make it so she can!